Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Valentino Museum

There have been a lot of retrospectives to designers in the past. Just recently there was Savage Beauty for Alexander McQueen, I remember seeing the tribute for YSL in Montreal some odd years ago, and Gucci opened its own gigantic museum in Florence a few weeks back.And these are just the ones that I can recall. I'm sure hundreds of others have taken place in museums all over the world. Valentino, has gone a step further. Instead of opening its own  museum that is restricted to localities where the museum is based,(or where the exhibition travel to), and a serious cash busting investment in this economy,  Valentino launched its virtual museum today. The virtual museum is a free desktop application, elegantly designed , showcasing about 300 of Valentino's creations in a way that is much more accessible than any museum could hope to be.

I think its a must-see if your into that sort of a thing. The application is easy, a great way to kill time at work and you enter this world of the most sumptuous creations. I've always had a soft spot for Valentino that way, I think he's such a cutie, like an uncle I wish I had had,  and the designs are truly one of a kind. The exhibit is divided according to different themes; red, white and black and white, or prints, embellishments and iconic designs- like Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress. They are a pleasure to watch and I love that everyone can go through it.Its not just the art/fashion high society  or design students  that are being targeted, but really anyone with an interest in a passion. I love the fact, that I can see it sitting all the way in Pakistan because it would be soul crushing for me to know that the exhibit is going on somewhere, and I'd prob never see it- and I'm sorry the coffee table books just don't cut it. Valentino, and his partner Giancarlo Giametti make appearances at times discussing some of the work, which is like an added bonus. The presentation and interface is spectacular. Truly as if you were in a museum- slight video-game-ish, yes- but still pretty cool.

They've also scored the entire thing, and it really pretty and makes you feel like your discovering this magical realm.  I think virtual museums are definitely now- I can't wait for other designers to make their own virtual museum and us commoners can possess extensive visual libraries of the most beautiful things in the world.

Seriously, forget everything I've ever said. I'm totally getting married in Valentino.Have you seen his creations? I can't help but recall Valentino's SS 2012  collection (Valentino is retired now, he does'nt design for the brand anymore) that I completely fell for, but honestly seeing Valentino's own designs you realize that what he did was truly unmatchable. There is no comparison
The only annoying part is that Anne Hathaway is pretty tight (ish) with Valentino, and honestly that chick annoys me. I didn't even see the Oscars last year but I can imagine how frustrating it must be for the live audience to watch her try too hard. Cringe inducing. If it were up to me she would only be allowed to wear Gap and Banana Republic.

Anyway, the only down side (slight), s that of course seeing the dress in person in museum is a different feel.Being able to see the fabric and colors exactly is a pleasure. But hey- at least you don't have to be in a queue waiting to see the next segment.

To download the app :

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