Friday, 23 December 2011

There is an Itch

There is an itch
You don’t know why its there
But its there
You try to not scratch
You’re not supposed to; you shouldn’t
You still do.
You can’t help but
You scratch in the vain hope that you’ll find its root
You know you won’t.
But you don’t stop.
You don’t not
It is an itch after all
Your effort is to scratch the itch out
To plunge its heart out
But an itch is after all an itch
It exists heartless
Its nature is to remind you
In your most vacant moments
That it exists
And perhaps that you exist
Maybe that you exist because it exists
Or it exists because you exist
Oh, the nature of the itch
How does one even begin to diagnose it?
The ever present itch
The one that never changes, but manifests through change itself
Life remains static because the itch never transforms into something new
Everything that is old becomes new, and then old again
But the itch remains
The never changing itch
Always there to mock
Every dream you ever had
Long before the birth of the itch
The itch that never lets you be
Through its presence reminds you of a time
A time when the itch was never there
When freedom was a physical state
When God was the cure
When you weren’t your biggest fear
But there is an itch
At the furthest end of your mind
In the deepest end of your soul
Between the webs of your fingers
Beyond the maze of your beliefs
In the midst of the shallow pool of your conscience
The home of the itch
That exists because you’ve forgotten
How easy it is to deny its existence
Because its existence depends through acknowledgment  
Through your futile efforts to scratch it out
How can you scratch out something that doesn’t exist?
How can you resist not?
It’s the root of restlessness
The seed of nothingness
It is what has brought you to this limbo, where it was born
Where you live
Where you breathe
Where you sleep
How does one go back to denying?
The itch that has come to define
Everything and nothing that you have become
There is an itch
That was never there before
There is an itch
There is an itch

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