Thursday, 15 December 2011

Helmut Lang and Spiders

Helmut Lang
Pre-Fall 2012.
Very grunge,contemporary and eclectic.
I instantly took a liking to the collection, which might not be the be the most glamorous, but is quite charming in a dark, morbid, rainy-day way. Know what I mean? Oh and the coolest part...The idea behind the collection came from spider webs  weaved by spiders on different drugs- like LSD, pot and caffeine. The husband-wife designer duo, Nicole and Michael Colovos ,had a series of images of spider webs weaved by spiders on drugs, and the webs spun by the caffeine spider were the most erratic ones- which then became the starting point of this collection. How cool is that?

Btw, is it me or is this collection very Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

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