Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why Leo Why???

I love Leo (DiCaprio) okay. And no, not since Titanic. Much later. Maybe after  The Departed. Actually no, I always had pleasant feelings towards him,and reallllly fell in to the pool with The Departed. And then there was Revolutionary Road, then Shutter Island, then Inception.  And now, I really feel for him.You know, like Don D. Except maybe not so obsessive.Like I love him, but don't want to necessarily be with him.
So it realllllllllly irks me that he is with Blake Lively. WTH. Why? I mean she's so young, so like not even in the waiting line of his league. I find her to be such a randomer,  and its not just her but all these young starlets, they're great and all, and so hot, but they don't have that 'thing' that people like Leo have. And no...they cant over reach and get away with it.

When Leo was with Gisele. I thought-what an amazing couple. They emanated chemistry from the entire pacific and a continent away. You know what I'm talking about? the kind of chemistry you dream about. Chalo, they broke up. Koi naye, doesn't matter. Breakups happen, such is life.

Then came Bar Rafaeli. Not as breathtaking, but still rings up the hot meter. Good chemistry, low profile relationship-together for like half a decade with what is most essential to all great/hard to get over/ always keep you wondering relationships; lots of breakups.Met the parents in Israel even. Break up.
Leo-single for a while. Then totters in Serena ( I don't watch gossip girl btw) with her designer swag, and tousled hair and Louboutin-named-a-pair-of-shoes-after-me attitude and she's in! Cruising and vacationing with Leo in Italy and Monte Carlo.
What kind of  a world are we living in? How is this fair?
Leo needs to be with Kate Winslet. When Kate got divorced a year or so back, I was like finallllly now she'll be with Leo, cos I feel there is a lot of love between the two of them.Not because of Titanic, but cos of a speech Kate gave at some point-she said something very nice to Leo-very affectionate type. Platonic affectionate, but affectionate still- in any case platonic is only till you get your groove on.
But nooo...Leo is out cycling with Serena Van de Over Reacher.

 Anyway, Leo's new movie J.Edgar is out in November. Its a biographic drama directed by Clint Eastwood, based on the first director of  the FBI ( Leo). I think it'll be awesome.
Checkout the trailer:

Looks good doesn't it?

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