Monday, 10 October 2011

Master Stylist, Average Designer?

When I heard celebrity stylist par extraordinaire Rachel Zoe was launching her own collection, I was pretty excited. She really is a great stylist and is responsible for nearly every great look on the red carpet.With her own reality show (I forget the name, Rachel Zoe Project or something), she has become a celebrity in her own right, and a household name in the States. So her own collection seemed like a logical next step , especially in Hollywood,where really being just a celebrity is grounds to have your own line, at least she has some talent in fashion.The only thing that made me slightly skeptical was that she was entering a long line of 'celebrity/reality stars-turned designers', so her legitimacy on being a known authority in fashion might come under fire - she might be termed as another one of those. But that's debatable, and really hasn't affected her fashion or clients in anyway so lets just leave it for now.

Okay these pants are amazing.If they can actually fit like that on non size zeros.

Great dress, but nothing to write home about.

Let's not even go there.

This is real serene and nice.

I feel like I've seen this dress somewhere. Maybe on one of her clients.
With her spring ready to wear collection, I really felt that we were seeing 'looks' put together, but not 'pieces' that she had designed. Like a real-life stylist portfolio. There is absolutely nothing that compelled me to really react strongly to anything that she presented.Most of the time I can barely stop myself from going  woowww, but Rachel Zoe just left me lukewarm. She's a master stylist,has a great eye and a natural knack in putting outfits together.But  as far as designing is concerned, instead of having her own high-end line, she should perhaps do what a lot of luxury designers are doing- teaming up with mass retail chains like Target, or H+M, because her creations were definitely 'trendy',  but they hardly offered more. I just didn't see anything new compared to all what we have seen in the in the fashion weeks.Granted those are luxury labels, and we cant even dream off owning nay of the pieces I have featured on this blog, but we do want some innovation and some story-telling from the designer. So for now it seems like she has great knockoffs, but if she went lower than her average $400 price tag she could really be pressing on to something.

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