Thursday, 13 October 2011

Waiting for the 15th of october, SS is an ass.

This Saturday could either be a great great day, or I might kill Shahbaz Sharif.

As you may or may not have heard the cabinet announced a mandatory 2-day weekend yesterday in Islamabad. I know this debate has been going on for the last ten days or so. But since we have an S.O.B as our chief minister , he decided that he doesn't accept this for Punjab because he wasn't consulted.
Are you for real?
____ that this might be a possible solution to rectify our energy crisis, because let's face it -it probably isn't.The crisis is too big to be solved by one (albeit, nation-wide) measure. We need many more and I admit that a lot of industries / economy might suffer. But frankly speaking, they are suffering right now as well and if there was ever a catch-22 this is one.
I just can't believe Shahbaz Sharif actually has the gall to refuse since apparently he wasn't consulted. First of all Mr. Chief Minister your ego is not a reason to reject a policy that the cabinet is introducing to rectify a national issue that has been plaguing the country for at least the last 5 years.
Second you are a pathetic decision maker because we have dengue right now in Punjab and its killing more people than it should, and all you do is make a false promise that dengue will be eradicated by December. I hate to burst your bubble,  genius , but there are no mosquitoes in December- its called Winter , smart ass. What dengue has to do with you being a bad decision maker is that despite being informed well in advance  regarding the threat of dengue becoming an epidemic this year,  you took no preventative measures and decided ____ it lets re-construct the perfectly fine road in front of Mall of Lahore, and make people's life harder and sit in for a consultation for my brother's stomach banding surgery. Great decisions, jerk.
P.S- now that you know about dengue, and have become slightly familiar with how it spreads take more preventative measures for next year. Ass.
 This is your own doing SS , because till yesterday I was indifferent towards you. Apart from the many colossal failures of your career and the monstrosity that is Park and ____ (play?? whatever that thing is in Liberty) , I didn't even have a reason to remember your name. But then you make such an intelligent comment about how you weren't consulted before cabinet made decision. Are we hurt? Is this an ego issue? Are we really that small? If you had an issue with the two day weekend, and sincerely thought it was not suitable for Punjab why didn't you voice your concern sooner? Why after the decision was passed? I know for a fact that this debate has been going on for at least the last two weeks. and that's to MY knowledge, meaning its a possibility that this might have been a discussion for the last two years, and I wasn't aware of it since it didn't concern me up til now.  What the hell were you on that you didn't care to speak about it sooner. Don't say your fake Hajjs because Hajj isn't till next month. Ass.
Anyway, I'm on to you now SS and your little sidekick Rana Sanaullah.

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