Thursday, 12 January 2012

And it all comes back to Don.

I like Jon Hamm when he's channeling Don Draper.
At other times- hmmm...I won't say that I don't like him because that is very hard to say/write when its entirely not true and because lets face it- there has to be some of the actor in the act right? and I must like it.I do. I like the way Jon Hamm pulls of Don Draper so araam se. One of the biggest pull factors of Don Draper's character is how insanely classic he is. Very alpha-male, very bare miniumum /necessities type. Don't know if you know what I mean by that. And when you love someone for being classic, hell there is nothing more annoying than that person trying to be trendy. The thing is,one, trendy can never beat classic/ not for guys at least.
Two, the thing about classic is that it makes the effort to be trendy seem futile,and frivolous in ways those people aren't.Like they are trying to be something they are not, and they are perfect that way. So then, if classic tries to be trendy, its a bit embarrassing you know? Like shield your eyes, and avoid eye contact embarrassing.Its like a shy, meek bookworm trying to be a social butterfly. Oh, oh, better-like Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, when she tries to dress all cute and sexy. We all averted our eyes and said a prayer at that moment did we not? Its exactly like that.
A year ago, during the climax of my yearning for Don Draper after I had finished all four seasons in one go, I saw my first picture of Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm the actor, not the Don Draper-clean shaven-white shirt-grey suits. He had that actor's stubble du jour (FYI- I love stubble, so for me to disapprove it  on anyyyone is like Apocalypse Now), some crap plaid shirt, you know the kind everyone has worn in the last year, maaaayyybe some sort of a hat, and worst of all- a vest. I saw the picture and said out aloud, "Why Don Why?".

Today I saw this picture, and although some of the same elements are there- I think the aviators neutralize it a whole lot, and funnily enough- he does look kinda classic.Very old school, haina? yes I could go after the hat, but- I think its his special hat or something cos I've seen him wear it a lot (have just spent the last 20 minutes googling him , looking for that damn picture),  so I shall always forgive something that is done out of attachment rather than superficial effort. In fact, ill go a step further and say I like it. Even though I usually don't like that particular style on anyone other than chubby, grandfather types, but because he has a soft spot for that hat, I'll develop it too.
I totally get attachment to apparel.
You know how the outfit goes from trendy-ish to classic-ish? The untucked shirt. He's taking his dog out for a walk. If his shirt had been tucked in or something, and if he was wearing a black leather jacket instead of brown-it would've fallen on the I-care-about- what-I'm-wearing-side. Here its a mix between I care and I don't. Obviously there is nothing more interesting than confusion.
Result: I can't wait for  Mad Men in March.

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