Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Giambattista Valli Spring Couture: Now this is what I'm talking about

 The man himself! Know his face. See what a honest to good, hard working , true couturier looks like, because I don't know how many remain. Okay enough with the jokes, this is a serious place of admiration. Just look at the clothes. You know how I usually make the ones I like larger? I don't know how to do it with this one, because j'heart each on of them Seriously. The collection starts with white, plays with sheerness and gorgeous embelishement, goes on to black and white and then a full burst ofcolors. I like the detailing, the shapes, the silhouettes in almost every piece. There is soemthing special in each and every one of them . Now do you get what I meant by all the others not offering me something new? All of them looking  a little seen? With Valli, there is always a little something something in each and every look. Oh, and you know how I said Versace's mini's left be wanting more? The cut seemed a little been there,done that? Well take a look at the minidress (pic. no.13 below). Its sooooooooo sexy, and its not like its something completely new, never seen before, but the way its done-it leaves your heart beating a little faster . Haina? Its true.And the look right below the minidress (pic.no14, the full sleeved blouse, with the black and white skirt. So graceful, so poised. All of the formal evening looks, especially the last one- the maroon number with the palazzo pants. I mean, what can I say. Nothing I could say would be enough.
I'll stop now.

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