Friday, 20 January 2012

Johnny Depp rumours Are Troubling.

Sometimes I think my regular visits to will be the death of me.
Or any tabloid for that matter.
What is this?
I'm so not happy about Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis splitting up/maybe splitting up. What is happening. I swear, this is not normal. Why the can't these celeb couples keep it together and keep it real? and whats more annoying is that becharay every action they take, every supposed thought they think is there for public knowledge.
I always thought that the two make such a good couple. The pass my test of 'fitting together'. I think if you 'fit together' in physicality, that's half the battle done- and they do.And they both seem to be as quirky as the other. She could easily be one of the characters in the Tim Burton movies he loves doing.They fit. They live in a castle in France,have two kids, aren't married and have no concerns about it. They've found a rhythm that works for them. Both same to share that free,bohemian spirit. Again. They fit. Then why???
I mean I know that's no argument, and none of my business tbh- these things usually don't have on simple answer, and no simple solution- and whatever it is, its probably been a long time coming, but abh kiya?
14 years, gone, just like that? I'm not going to say that they have nothing to show for it, cos of course they do- but it was so much nicer na back in the day na, when things were meant to last, and not, you know, be always vulnerable to pure b.s in the larger sense of the picture. Know what I mean?

And then on top of that, today- the reason why I am writing about this; the media has taken it upon themselves, as a duty ordained form God and his angels that they have to put all the pieces together and do 2+2 . What wrong with hem? do they not know math isn't applicable in such situations. Hell math isn't applicable in most situations. I don't remember the last time I needed to used to math I learned in O'levels.
Amidst the wake of a rumoured split, Vanessa Paradis has been spotted shopping sans (gasp) Johnny Depp. Looking glum. With daughter on one occasion- but in any case there have been solo spottings. I'd like to ask these people. How many times do they step outside their house solo? and by solo I mean without romantic interest. Think about it. When they are going to work, when they are going for groceries maybe, when they are going to pick up kids from school possibly? Are they all breaking up? Ofcourse NOT!.
How many couples who have been together fourteen years go shopping together even? guys don't enjoy shopping so much, they'll come along for it initially but really they'd rather not. Most of the time. This is not encompassing all. Girls, well I don't know about you, but me,  I prefer to shop mostly on my own. or at least serious shop. If I'm browsing , yes I like company, but if its serious shopping, then I'd rather do it by myself.
But since Vanessa goes solo shopping in Paris, its an issue- it fuels the rumors.
Give yourselves a break.
Stupid time wasters.

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