Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mob Wives

I must confess. I can really enjoy reality television, as trashy as it is. In fact because it is so trashy. Its like monitoring an impending car crash. You know its going to happen, and you can't take your eyes off it.Taking your eyes off before the crash would just be wrong on so many levels na. There is just this vulgar fascination I have with women who are just so uncouth and brash. I dunno, the drama- as scripted , and manipulative and sheer b.s it is, its entertaining.

So my new show (and I was looking for a new show) is going to be Mob Wives. I really enjoy all this mafia, underworld, organized crime stuff- always have. Not sure as to why, but I guess I its because the shrewdness, the cold, menacing calculated-ness (at times) of the actions is pretty alien to my life, that its always a point of intrigue and curiosity. Another thing about Mob Wives is that it kinda seems like a marriage between The Sopranos( which as you may know as bloody epic. Like that show was something else I still haven't been able to properly understand it.) and Jersey Shore.
Yeah seriosuly. so its going to be filth for sure, but such entertaining filth.Mindless television.Also, I love the accents.I could listen to them for hours.
Anyway Funny or Die did a spoof of the show- its what actually convinced me to watch it. 

Must be a little curious na?

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