Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Maybe its the letter G; Spring Couture 2012.

I must confess. When I did'nt lose the plot with the previously featured collections (Versace,Chanel and Dior) I got kinda scared. I thought, maybe its me. Why am I being such a saroo. Why am I not liking anything? but I also kinda know that these brands weren't my brands. I thought I'd wait till the others before declaring my self habitually unsatisfied, and checking into an institutional facility. Then I saw the collections I had been looking forward to all this while- Giambattista Valli and Givenchy- the 'G's' and then I knew that everything was still fine. I could still feel. I wasn't emotionally dead as I had been suspecting for a while now. I must tell you it as a relief. Or not.

In any case, if you also felt I was being stingy with praise and trying hard to be nurturing and loving and positively failing, then take a deep breath and relax. Also know that I am biased towards these designers so its possible that I could lap up pathetic collections from them like a dog laps up condensed milk ( what? you shouldn't feed your dogs condensed milk? really? says who? ).

Giambattista Valli

Okay this guy is amazing beyond words. He has been working in couture for years under many of the greats, and you can really see how all his years of experience have paid off. His craftsmanship is exquisite. The designs- are at times larger than life, and that's what I love about them. He keeps the attention on the clothes, no cheap gimmickry. And the clothes! wow, they're gorgeous; The opening number- the big white jacket was gorgeous. And see, that's the thing with his pieces, even if I'm not a 100% sold on wearing them myself, I have no doubt that they would look spectacular on someone else. No doubt. The collection featured a little bit of everything. there was elegance and opulence, flirty and fun,  sexy and vampy and so much more. I know people don't usually like that cos they feel it becomes jack of all trades, king of none type, and the lack of coherency bothers them, but it doesn't bother me na, so I guess I'm cool with getting so many looks in one show. I'll discuss more in the next post where I'll feature the collection, because I don't think its fair to start talking about individual pieces without you seeing them first.


Of course I have told you about Riccardo Tisci , the creative director of Givenchy and how his work is indescribablly wow. Its true. And I guess that feeling transferred in to this collection as well. That is why I could'nt wait for his spring couture collection. With him , you just have really high expectations. Just like you can expect Lagerfeld to put on a show for Chanel, you expect Tisci to make painstakingly poignant clothes. And he does.
Btw, I dunno if its because I saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night, or what, but I feel  the styling of the models was greatly inspired by the movie and the female protagonist of the book/movie- Lisabeth Slander. The dark, goth ,punk look. Waisey bhi Tisci , I think plays with a slightly goth element in his collections.My only itch with this collection was the use of the colour chocolate brown. Although it was used beautifully, man, that colour has been a major annoyance to me for years and years-ever since I was a kid. Really. If I have ever though of suicide its because I can't live in a world where the colour chocolate brown is found anywhere else except chocolate. I had only recently started accepting it in accessories, and sweaters. But full blown gowns? In chocolate browns ?(yes that rhymes), no! no!.
Anyway, leaving my little itch aside, the craftsmanship is amaaazzzzzzzzzzing. Seriously. Will tell you all about it in the next post featuring the collection.

Definitely Lisabeth Slander

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