Monday, 30 January 2012

The Perks of being a Sample Sized Starlet

So the SAG awards took place last night, and I think I enjoyed the fashion more than the Golden Globes.
Maybe it was more out-there, maybe its me , maybe its because I was very pleasantly surprised to see gowns by Givenchy and Giambattista Valli (my faves) worn by Zoe Saldana and Natalie Portman. And you know what's really cool? they both wore gowns from the latest collections. Yep, the one week old spring couture collections from Paris Couture Week. How fast was that? I'm thoroughly impressed, I didn't anticipate this in the very least; oh the perks of being thin and famous.
Khair I'm really excited about this, because you know how much I love both these labels, and that the gowns were worn by starlets who I kinda like, and am okay with them. Imagine if it was worn by someone who I find annoying (Rachel Berry) it just wouldn't sit well.Nope, it wouldn't. Either way I'm the type A jealous sort who finds it hard to digest the starlet brigade having it so easy when it comes to fashion, Rachel Berry or Blake Lively would be like knives through my heart. Thank you God for sparing me.

So what do you think?pretty cool na? I kinda like the Valli look with the head-dress but obv that can't happen.The collection had other pieces that I would have liked to see more than this one, but who am I to be ungrateful- I'm just happy to see Valli on the red carpet.As for the Givenchy, it was'nt my favorite out of the collection, and does look a bit lackluster here (blasphemy!) in the day light, but in the auditorium it really sparkled. I Also wish she had more of a bust for this dress, it looks awfully flat- especially compared to Natalie Portman- as I'm sure you can see.Having said that, I do think ZS carries it off better than the model.

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