Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Inconsequential Dreaming

Hello Everyone!
This is a very early post. I very rarely write a post before morning chai and trash online browsery but, today I woke up in a spectacularly good mood, and wanted to write about it so here I am. Waking up happy has its own setbacks mind you, because since I was late to work , I decided to take advantage of the situation , went down to Green Valley- my friendly in-house supermarket and bought lots of junk. Bad habits rarely mark the start of a good day, but I'll take my chances;I'm feeling it.
Dreams bhi na, they just know how to put you in good mood and wake up with stars in your eyes. I really wonder, if they have any relevance to your life or not. I know, I know, I'm not the first person to wonder this, and obviously this isn't the first time I have wondered this, but every time a dream gets you wondering even when your not dreaming I think hmmm....what could this be? I personally think we should be entitled to have our happy dreams come true. Maybe we can all sign a petition and take it to God that states that every good,happy dream has to come true. But what shall we exchange it for?I doubt God takes money.Oh! prayers. Extra prayers, and extra good deeds.
I know.
That sounds a lot like the deal we have got going for ourselves either way. The sequence I want -dreams, pray, good deeds. Life works in almost-reverse (almost because we can never be sure,its like the chicken and egg thing, we don't know what came first). Except, all I'm asking for is a guarantee. And this is for the small dreams. Not the big ones- the kind you have to work hard for and are strands of your own  possible destiny. Nope. Not talking about those. Talking about the small random dreams that are unexpected, inconsequential, and just plain fun. Like my most recurring dream of me shopping lots and lots in Dubai. The ones you can't work hard for- for them to come true.The ones that are pure acts of God in their randomness. The ones you never pray for, because uh...hello, bigger things/bigger dreams to pray for than a seemingly inconsequential dream.You know what I'm saying? The kind that somehow summarize the crux of the crux of your bigger dreams and make it into the smallest, yet most gratifying thing.Like the shopping lots and lots with no spending limit in Dubai. Its tortured me in the most entertaining way for what seems like an eternity. And I don't even like Dubai.

Obviously this post cannot have a conclusive ending, so how about a song of the same name?

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