Saturday, 14 January 2012

Valentino Spring/Summer Campaign

Another one of my favorites from the Spring/Summer Ad campaigns was Valentino.
In fact, if you remember when the SS 2012 collections came out ,Valentino was one of my favorites. It blew my away then, and it blows me away now-so I guess I may not be the best person to judge, but who cares.

The campaign has a gorgeous feel to it, very ethereal, other worldly kind of in the same vein as the collection itself. Very romantic. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of you know. Its beautiful, poignant, with just a hint of melancholia. I read the phrase 'Poetic Femininity'  used to describe it on some blog/site- and its true, the collections and the campaign both are poetic, and have this amazing lyrical quality to it.
Acha, is it me or does it have this spiritual feel to it as well? Like some how the remote location, and the stature of the models, seems to be steeped in self reflection in a very meditative, almost monkish/  swirling Dervishi way. You know what I mean?

Shot by Deborah Turbeville, it features Bette Franke, Fei Fei Sun, Zuzanna Bijoch, Maud Welzen and Clement Chabernaud

Definitely spiritual na?

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