Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tom Ford Has Toned It Down?

 I know, I know aaj there has been an overkill of all of the spring ad campaigns but I just look at them and I can't help but share.
Anyway, you remember Tom Ford na? Of course you do. He's hardly forgettable.
So I just saw his new campaign today,and it seems to be quite tame from what we are used to with him. Maybe its because the outrage is becoming greater against even the smallest things, but wasn't that always the point of it?  The ads for his wildly successful eye wear line are slightly boring (gasp!, blasphemy! crucify her!) Not the sunglasses, but the specs. They're juuusst okay... you know? Composition is nice, but other than that I dunno, not too exciting I suppose.

For the rest of the range it definitely seems like that the designer has toned it down quite a bit. Yet he manages to retain that playful, cheeky, flirtatious quality that has become characteristic to his campaigns- which makes it very recognizable as a TF ad. I like that. Ford showcases the apparel in a really great way, the focus on the product is greater here,than the previous shoots that I've just posted, but this campaign has more energy and buzz as well.Its a really great mix in that regard.

The campaign has been shot by Tom Ford himself, and features Mirte Maas and Mathias Bergh . I must  say,  TF is a very accomplished photographer, the playfulness that he has managed to capture in each ad is really commendable.I love how he captures not poses, but moments in his pictures. Like you just know that these people are having a blast. They also look like that they could be in the back of a limousine haina?

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