Friday, 20 January 2012

Give Paula Deen a Break

For the past few days Ive been seeing Paula Deen's name splashed around almost everywhere.
I knew she was a celebrity chef type, but not much else. Not that familiar with the style of her work, and her views on food. Apparently she got type 2 diabetes. I dont know the types of diabetes so I cant help you there, but Im guessing type 2 is worse than type 1. Anyway, so from what I have gathered by just headlines of the coverage she has gotten recently : she cooked fatty stuff. Apparently she hid her being diagnosed with diabetes for the past few years(3), and she has chosen to disclose this piece of information at the very fortunate time of her becoming a spokesman for a diabetes maintenance type medication.

Critics, bloggers, do-gooders, over-neurotic control freaks, health freaks, people who put their nose in everyone's business,Shahrukh Khan types (not Shahrukh in Don 2 though, he's delightful) are having a field day with this info because all of  a sudden Paula Deen has become the champion of obesity,and all obesity related health issues by acquiring the disease herself. If you can call it a 'disease', I can't because a lot of my family members have had it, and frankly it doesn't seem too horrendous; there are worse inflictions;- my friend is allergic to everything under the sun almost except vegetables, what do we think about that?. Khair, that's not to say anything, I understand I am being quite ignorant about it. In any case, I do feel you can't hold her responsible for this. She has made a successful career of making extremely fatty concoctions, that are pure sin for the consumers- but in her defense (not really) -she does advocate moderation. And that is the key for good health- everything in moderation. Her recipes are so grotesque and gluttonous that you don don't need to be super intelligent to realize that you can't indulge in them too much. I mean you need to be having serious emotional issues if you do decide to consumer a Lady's Brunch Burger on a daily or even weekly basis. Its one of those rare indulgences that you allow yourself if the occasion calls for it. Extreme happiness (you becoming  a millionaire overnight) or extreme sadness ( you losing every material possession you ever acquired) in which the extremity of the 'burger' seems inconsequentially minuscule. Or if you're in one of those, this-will-never-happen-again, I-will-never-be-here-again moments.You can't have it everyday for brunch.Who has brunch everyday? why don't those people work?
The Lady's Brunch Burger:Krispy Kreme Donuts, Burger Patty, Bacon, Fried eggs.

Plus, most of her food makes me feel full without even eating it. They really are horribly over the top, like if your mission is just to consume the calories and the taste comes second. Sum of all parts type. How could deep fried lasagna be any better than normal un-fried lasagna ?A good lasagna is decadent enough in itself for maximum yummy. If it needs to be fried, it hasn't been made properly.Its that simple. Then she has a sandwich which comprises of chicken finger, french fries, and mozzarella sticks. You know that there is something wrong with that. That is what you make at 3am in the morning if your maaad hungry, you can think of nothing else to make other than sandwich of everything your freezer, you have danced way too much, and indulged in God knows what else. Its not food you think of making on a Tuesday night while watching TV. If you do...hmmm.Let's not go there.
But to urge and demand Paula Deen to shape up her act, and take a complete different direction in her profession is asking too much. I mean why should she? Why does she owe anybody anything? It is after all her profession, its up to her to decide what she wants to do with it. Her popularity and subsequent success is based on her southern style cooking, where the most prevalent term is the cuisine is 'deep fry everything'. Let her be. Mind your business. Focus on your own professions. If people work, its usually to serve their own means first, and those of the others second.If they choose to be irresponsible about their own health that should not reflect on their professions,because lets face it , she never sold her cookbooks, or recipes by saying that they are 'healthy'. In fact she is quite commonly known as the butter queen. As they say in bio-medical ethics; the right to self determination. In the same way, the people who make/consume Deen-esque meals on a regular basis, are responsible for their own selves. Its like blaming the weapon instead of the murderer.
Please don't spoonfeed your/our psyches so much that you/we cannot be held accountable for any decision or action. Its called 'spoilt'.
Don't be spoilt.

And, hold on , wait a sec...what is this, she 'hid' her disease for three years. Its her personal life, its her body, she didn't swear upon God to share every detail of her life with you. No matter what position you are in some information deserves to be revealed entirely upon  her discretion. And why should she share with you if you will end up being so unbelievably critical.


  1. Just a note, since you're not too familiar with deen's work;
    I make cream cheese frosting. I put 2, 2 and a half cups of icing sugar in it to make frosting for one cake. Any more than that, and you just taste sugar.
    Deen makes cream cheese frosting. To cover one cake, she uses 7 CUPS of icing sugar.

    Just to put things in perspective.

    Thank you.

    1. Hahahahahaa...yes you are. Its okay. You're living, your breathing, you've made an okay life despite not being able to eat anything. You'll survive.
      But wowwww nuts! 7 cups? is she mad?