Friday, 27 January 2012

Elie Saab Spring Couture 2012

Today, while mistakenly seeing Elie Saab's spring/summer RTW collection instead of Couture, it came to me-the reason for the Label's success: He is the Zara of  high end fashion labels. I mean this in the best possible way.
The thing with the Lebanese designer's clothes is that they are simple and gorgeous. They are complication free, you don't look at them and think 'what is this?'- not that that's a bad thing, I mean I do find that range of clothing interesting- but with Elie Saab- his creations are immensely likable for a much wider audience than most couture creations. Classy, elegant, sexy, glamorous and pretty all at the same time. The primary aesthetic rule with his gowns is that the woman has to look good, and feel good- his fashion isn't imposing and intimidating- that's why he is such a success on the Red Carpets; his clothes work and you don't have to try very hard for them to work.With Haute Couture, sometimes you have to 'get' the piece- with him, he doesn't bother you with such details. And they are gorgeous- no two ways about that. Effortlessly glamorous.
For his Spring Couture collection, the dresses displayed some brilliant handiwork, inspired by floral patterns, with a few appearances by full skirted printed gowns as well. Slim evening gowns with intricate, crystal embellished embroidery were the most prominently featured though.
The entire collection was in beautiful pastels of mint green, peach, yellow, baby blue and ink. Its a much welcomed change after all the bright, bold colors we have become accustomed to seeing in the past few years. This was very delicate, fairy like, shimmery and sheer. The entire collection presented us with the same look, essentially the difference was just in the color, the sleeves, neckline etc, but in essence most of them were different compositions of the same gown, Not that I mind, it s a visual treat- one that is not hard to digest. That's the thing with Elie Saab, you know you'll like something or the other in his collections- like Zara. His clothes may not make the editorial crowd and the fashion insiders to get too excited, but the rest of us- we're happy with him.

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