Friday, 27 January 2012

Miracle? I Think So.

Last night something miraculous happened.
My headphones, long pronounced defected by me, thanks to my sister's curse of ruining every headphone she lays her hands on, started working again. Perfectly fine.
Now you can imagine my disbelief, it was only a few months back that one of the speakers stopped working.I clearly remember it- I was quite annoyed when it happened. I had been left without a pair of headphones; how would I now workout? I replaced them promptly due to this dilemma- asked my father to bring me a new pair, as those nippy little bud-like ear phones that could be found in every drawer in my house just don't work for me. I think I haven't discovered the science behind them yet, especially when it comes to working out because they keep falling of my ear,or becoming loose- and so the sound isn't so loud and pumpy, and I'm permanently trying to plug them in properly. But head phones- they never become looser, you don't have to constantly plug them back in, and they cushion your ear so that all you hear is music and none of the other stuff around you. You get the picture, right?
Last night, my old headphones , which are identical to the new pair my sister got yesterday were lying on my table. I had put them away, declared them incompetent, hadn't seen them in months- what were they doing outside in all their tarnished glory? I had even forgotten what the defect was in them- thought the headband had been broken (the fate of another pair of headphones ruined by my sister)... nope, the headband was fine. I plugged them in my phone recalling the problem had something to do with the sound. The sound was good, both the speakers worked, I did multiple tests to confirm it.Nothing was wrong- they worked absolutely fine.

I figured that maybe my little sister left her new pair upstairs due to some godforsaken reason. I called her and asked her if they were hers,since  they couldn't possibly be mine- mine were kharaab. She denied it, hers were right next to her. What? No. This couldn't be. How could this be? I demanded my little sister to show me hers, suspecting this to be some cruel joke, where I got my hopes up only to be told they weren't mine after all. It wasn't. They really were fine. They worked. Both the speakers. So weird na?
It's a post-Christmas miracle. The little glowing light in the cold/dark/timewaster month of January. Right at the end.
Things can get fixed, on their own ,long after you think that they will never be the same again- you just have to let them be for a bit.

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