Thursday, 3 November 2011

Riccardo Tisci is Indescribable.

  I've never really thought of Givenchy as a serious apparel brand, instead have always associated it more with cosmetics and parfums rather than RTW, Couture, or even accessories. Maybe its because I came after the generation of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany's- so I never really bothered with it. Frankly speaking don't even remember seeing many ads in magazines, or even much talk about the label. Until now.
 For the past few seasons, the buzz about Givenchy has been growing, and now I know why. Their Creative Director is a genius. Riccardo Tisci. I remember seeing his clutches and being blown away by the unbelievableness of the design. I loved them. However, what I feel for the clutches is minuscule, almost non-existing in comparison to what I experienced when viewing his Fall 2011 Couture collection. Yes, this happened way back in July,  but ---- me the dresses are gorgeous beyond belief. I know I've said this many times before but I swear, this time its different.

I'm again having a Valentino moment, where I feel nothing I can say would ever be enough , yet somehow I cant help my self from sharing what I feel. I must at least try.
The 10 pieces of the couture collection were pure, and white for the most part.  They could be described as fragile, delicate, intricate, other worldly, saint-like, virgin, heavenly, light...the adjectives could go on and on but the true feeling could never be expressed. But trust me, when you see them you'll know. Each piece was handmade, taking a month to make in total hours spent on each one, the embellishments- painstakingly exquisite. And you know, you can see the labour of love that went into them. These pieces are something you'd find in an angel's closet- and no, not a Victoria's Secret Angel . Long, sleek and romantic in every little detail, Riccardo Tisci's collection displays unparalleled technique and  extraordinary vision.The elements in his designs work so beautifully with and against each other, there juxtaposition is no less than a divine revelation. The sheerness, the lacework, the beaded fringes, the hand-encrusted pearls and crystals placed to mimic exactly the pattern of Ostrich skin, the ruffles and of course the nagging feeling that you have just walked into a beautiful dream. Tisci leaves us awe-struck.


Honestly, When I saw this collection- I thought to myself, I have to meet this guy. Is it weird that I'm curious? P.S- Italian born, kinda cute. Am working on finding out if he's straight.Any guesses?

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