Thursday, 24 November 2011

Accepting Expensive Gifts on just this One Occassion

 I really wish I could run a credit card ring without the threat of possibly maybe spending a good portion of my life behind bars, and being stamped with this 'criminal' label. But then I see pieces like these, and I think you know, it might well be worth it. I saw this Maison Martin Margiela sweater with detachable elbow length leather gloves- and what a fun design. I love the colors, light gray and coffee beige, I appreciate that they kinda overstep on the obvious s&m element of the gloves. Just imagine it in black. You know what I mean? Complete different vibe. Definitely not this harmless.
But this just seem sooo cool I'd love love, love to wear. Kinda like boots for your hands in a way na. I love leather accented sweater/jacket these days- they add such a nice element to the usual cable knit, wool and company.The casualness of the gray seems wonderfully weird with the leather gloves which undeniably adds a much more refined element to the look. So the mix of lazy/put together is the most interesting part for me.
If anyone feels like I should be the proud owner of this sweater, and want to buy it for me- please feel free.Its $ 1400 and available at

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