Thursday, 24 November 2011

Its official. Im boring.

So I mentioned this fantasy series a few days ago...back when I was reading the third book na. Well yesterday, I finished the fourth book as well and found out that there is a released fifth book as well. I was ecstatic to find out that I had one more book to go, because I've been inhaling these books- and well I might need them for life support. So I remembered the fifth book wasn't at home, because I had sent it to a friend accidentally thinking it’s the first book, months before I had started reading them. Now I needed it. Badly. Incidentally, my phone got barred yesterday so I couldn't get in touch with anyone, yet I made the effort to borrow using a colleague’s phone and trying to locate the book and make sure that it would be home when I would be home. My efforts failed. I didn't know how to solve this, without being anal and obsessive about it. And I'm rarely either of those things (I think), so I thought, 'choro; kal' knowing that this would be no mean feat. I knew that in a certain way, (as pathetic as it sounds) , I was pushing my fragile boundaries. I had finished the book sometime in the morning- and well it was late evening now, and the urge to know what was happening in this parallel world that had somehow become an alternate reality for me was blinding, itching, and consistently present. Also, did I mention the fifth book in a 6 part series, and if I were to base it on my sister's big mouth there were huge surprises waiting for me. How can you resist knowing?  I managed to distract myself for a few hours, and then some - I was waiting till half past midnight because I wanted to watch the recap of MasterChef , and tbh, the hours seemed to be never ending. I didn't know what to do till 12.30am. How do I kill the time? It seemed that I had forgotten what my life was before the series, before last week. Or well, the alternatives were too weak to even put up a fight. Watch a movie? Watch a series? How blah, I was enjoying reading so much- watching seemed like a waste of time.
 I managed to get through the night.
So today I woke up, and thought lets go pick up the book before I head to work. Then thought, hold your horses- It will happen. I've come this far, lets save it for a single, non-interrupted sitting. It will be so awesome right?

Yes I know.
I need to die.

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