Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bad Butt Injections

If any of you are Huffington Post readers, you might have come across this article on a man/woman performing illegal medical cosmetic procedures on bechari vulnerables looking for a cheap fix for their self esteem issues.
The guy, Oneal Ron Morris, who identifies himself as a female, has performed the various procedures on himself, and is kinda a prime example of how plastic surgery can go really wrong, especially if the person is a shady backside/alley doctor without a practitioners license.
 Apparently the 'doctor', took $700 for multiple injections that were supposed to result in an enhanced butt , which she  believed would get her a job at a nightclub. Apparently the doctor injected his clients with a toxic concoction of cement, superglue and flat-tire sealant.
No jokes.
Can you believe that? What I find most scary is that whoever opted for this procedure didn't back out when they saw that they were going to be injected with cement. The incision was apparently covered with super glue. Nothing shady about that right? .I don't know who is to blame more you know? It’s so scary what people are willing to do out there for money, but what’s infinitely more frightening is that people will believe anything they want to believe. Their hope / desire is blinding and essentially, crippling.
It’s not wrong to have your hopes defy logic. Of course they do, in fact all great hopes defy every ounce of rationale that exists within us. But to blind someone to the degree that they willfully go against every little morsel of logic and intuition is not a comforting thought.
Flat tire sealant!! How??
If cement was actually used as fillers in such procedures I would expect that little tid-bit of information to acquire a certain level of fame no? Like mindless trivia stuff. Alternatively the victims could have researched their respective procedures prior to the event itself. The internet is not just for facebook you know. But the victims (yes there are more than one), somehow went through with it. I’m sure they probably got the feeling that something was amiss- but they went ahead anyway because they sooooo badly wanted that enhancement. Which says a lot about the world we are living in. People are willing to forgo all common sense just to conform to a certain perception of ___________ or hot.
Acha, wait wait, cherry on top of the cake. The trans-gender doctor who performed the butt enhancement procedure, had apparently performed it on himself as well. And honestly, one look at his body and your reaction should be “Never in a million years” (God Forbid). I mean the botched job is a travesty, a sacrilege. How does a woman trust somebody to perform a cosmetic/medical procedure that is a walking example of how it can really go wrong?
Take a look, and then you’ll know

  Honestly these pictures are just so weird I feel that they might be doctored a little bit. Don't know for sure though, but don't think so because it’s being circulated heavily in American media - which is to say nothing about its legitimacy but still let’s see.

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