Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sexy Masterpeices

I came across such gorgeous watches today.
I think men's watches are infinitely sexier than women’s. Like I don't think I'd ever waste a huge chunk of my money (or even a small chunk for that matter) on a watch-a women's watch- because I don't really wear them. But if I were to ever invest in a time piece, for pure aesthetic purposes, it would have to be a man’s. I think they're gorgeous, and fit me way more than small delicate chain-ey types with diamonds you know? I just think it’s so interesting to see a man’s watch on a women’s wrist. Even in men's watches- I like the simple round dial and leather strap styles.  Not the metallic chain ones. A simple white dial, with a rose gold finish and shiny black strap is as sexy as it gets. Like the Frédérique Constant one below.I know I’ve used the word sexy a hundred times now, but nothing else comes to mind.

Frédérique Constant, Tourbillon

Okay so before I present my list, you have to understand I' m not a watch fanatic so I don't know my Piagets from my Ulysse Nardins , and I definitely don't know the difference between an Chronograph and a Tourbillon. I selected them on pure face value, not on technique, body, craftsmanship, blah, blah (insert technical watch terms) they might not be actual masterpieces but to me they are. I’ve had true blue watch fanatics try to explain to be where the difference lies, and how you differentiate between a divine and human watch, so I know people tend to be real passionate about them, but these selections are not based on those classifications. Oh also, what’s up with them being soooo expensive? If I didn't know any better I'd think that I was buying the philosopher's stone. I mean, I refuse to believe they actually cost even half of that much to make you know?
Cartier, Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulateur

Acha, also I'm having trouble deciding which one I'd want to buy. They’re all so gorgeous. Some of them are ho-hum, but some are wow-sexy. I hate to go for Cartier since it such a cliché, but I loved the watch. It speaks to me most, I think. Haan, it’s a completely different thing that it costs 94,000 pounds. Who even buys them? What do they do for a living? Where can I meet them?
Ulysses Nardin, HMS Caesa
 I loved the Ulysses Nardin one as well, it’s not a classic at all- but it’s so cool. So eccentric and elegant at
the same time and you don’t see that combo often you know?

Audemars Piguet,Royal Oak

Baume & Mercier, 44 mm Capeland Flyback
Breguet, Classique Hora Mundi

Bell & Ross , WW1

Ellicott, Majesty Chronograph
Chronoswiss, Balance Chronograph

Cuervo y Sobrinos, The Blue Historiador

Piaget, The Emperador

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