Friday, 18 November 2011

The Tamed Gaga

Lady Gaga's style is outlandish, to the say the very least.
Most of us mere mortals could'nt wear what she wears everyday and get away with it. Not even on Halloween. Well depends on what your going for actually. Today, I spotted a picture in which she looks not so bizarre. Not bizarre at all actually. Quite nice tbh, whole outfit is pretty charming, and surprisingly ordinary (in Gaga world), and by ordinary I mean not inundated with quirks. I could totally do that look, without feeling like a freak - cos lessbehonest no one can successfully pull a Gaga without feeling like one. Yes, I would even wear the fascinator cos its kinda really cool, its just that I'm trying to hold a grudge against fascinators cos its a  Middleton inspired trend. And you know how I feel about that.

But look, isn't she looking really nice? How fun are the colors, the sunglasses and the normal hair? I think she should do these kinda looks more often. She doesn't need to prove how cool she is anymore.
We already know that very well.

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