Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Dream Vacation House

Everyone has a dream house right? Dream location, dream architecture, dream view, so on and so forth. I've always dreamed of a dream vacation house somewhere in the outskirts of an Italian city due to my  superman-strong feelings towards Italian cuisine, and the beautiful Tuscan sun which gives a gold-honey tan. A nice little place to chill,  where I can get around to doing simple  natural things , adopt a bicycle as a mode of transportation for the entire length of that stay no matter how far I have to go. Get Gisele-like legs by the end of it.
You get the gist right? An imaginary house in an imaginary life.
One of the reasons that I am pretty adamant about this particular dream is because I kinda have the house/location selected. Yeah its a different story that the villa now is renovated into a five star luxury hotel- but hey, dreams have no fiscal/ general life constraints right? Its gorgeous beyond belief. You might want it for yourself  after you see it, but before you do I am binding you in an invisible, eternally relevant, possibly fatal promise that you'll never want it for yourself. It will never become your dream. Come on... that wouldn't be fair to me. You can come visit.

Placed on the slope of Fiesole’s elegant hill,  Il Salviatino is a stone throws away from Florence and as you can see it offers breathtaking views of Florence and the Fiesole landscape. Just look at it. Isn't it beautiful? Can't you just imagine me living here 2-3 months in the year? Can you imagine what all that green would do to you? I'd be such a good person if this were to happen. I don't need for the villa to be this big, but the architecture and the location is to perfect to mess around with you know? I mean what would be the point of tearing it down and having a smaller place made-just because I can- you know? That would be too bratty . And bratty people don't deserve to have such a beautiful vacation house, so I will let the villa be no matter how The Shining-ish it feels.

Okay, so yes- lust after it all you want, as long as you know that this is mine at the end of the day. 

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