Friday, 18 November 2011

A Glass of Water

 You know, the other day I realized the magical properties of water.
Was in a weird mood, you know the kind that induces a very clausto feeling. None of my usual remedies were making me feel any better. They were just providing temporary relief, and that too in a half-assed way. Soon it was bedtime. I performed my usual routine of fetching  a bottle of water from the kitchen, filling up a glass and drinking it on the way to my room. I cannot tell you how good it felt.  I felt the knots dissolve, quite literally. Each sip made everything a little better. And oh, the effect of huge gulps. I filled up another glass and literally chugged it. Felt so good. I will never say this again, but I doubt diet coke would've ever done that. I'm not going to say that the water completely vanquished every trace of that feeling, because lets face it- I'd laugh at my own face if I suggested it. But I will say this, it was surprisingly effective.
Worth a thousand shots.

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