Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jimmy Choo Founderless

 Last May Jimmy Choo was sold to the German luxury goods company Labelux for like 800 million dollars,  and when the company bought the luxury label it was announced that Tamara Mellon- who was one of the co-founders of the company (Jimmy Choo himself left years ago),the chief creative officer, and one of the biggest shareholders in the company- was to stay in the company, along with Jimmy Choo's CEO Joshua Schulman.
Well doesn't look like it now- both Joshua, and Tamara have recently resigned from the company. Wonder why?wonder whats up? Usual office politics or something bigger, but then what could be bigger than office politics? maybe they want to ove onto newer, greener pastures ... maybe they just could'nt deal with their company being man-handled by shameless capitalists who forced them to produce that god awful Chandra-Diwali -India-Limited edition-Clutch. Yuck.
I have nightmares about it that clutch. That I get it as a gift and then have to wear it, all the while trying to leave it somewhere and misplace it /lose it, somehow, but it just won't get lost. Wherever I leave it, with planned carelessness, I find it in the same place two hours later because no one wants to have it- despite the "please take me" note inside the clutch.God Forbid.
Anyway, going off topic now. But well I hope Jimmy Choo becomes better not worse, I really enjoyed their recent collection and I hope it stays that way.Apparently whats next in the brand's cards is a major expansion in China, along with a more prominent Men's line  for shoes and handbags (?). Oh also,Labelux said that they were'nt looking to replace Mellon becuase they were quite happy with the creative direction the label was taking- sounds a bit off? How long do you expect a fashion brand to run with a creative director? Maybe for the next two seasons they can pull it off, but sooner or later they'll need someone..look at Dior without Galliano.One season and they're losing it.
Lets see.
Also, Good luck Tamara Mellon, have fun with your 85 Million Pounds (!!!)

That is Tamara Mellon btw- she appeared in the ads Jimmy Choo Perfume, pretty hot right?Although the bottle  seems to be very similar to Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb.

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