Monday, 21 November 2011

Bottega Venetta Music

It seems like luxury labels are branching out into everything these days. No stone is to be left unturned. Really, its not just about clothes, shoes, bags anymore...playing cards, iPod/iPad covers, chocolates even- everything has a designer option. Music too it seems. Bottega Venetta- has come out with a two-disc compilation album featuring a medley of past runway show and store playlists, in time for the holiday season. Tomas Maier, the creative director of the brand teamed up with DJ Michael Gaubert on Intreccio Uno to create the playlist. Artists featuring on the eclectic album include French pianist Maxence Cyrin, English rock group The Heavy and Norwegian producer Lindstrøm, whose track "Lovesick" accompanied the Fall/Winter 2010 womenswear show. The case cover features images from the Bottega Venetta Fall 2010/11 advertising campaign.

What a brilliant idea na?? Although I'm not sure if people really by cds anymore, but they can order this for $45, and you know have a little designer something or send it out as a gift. Irrespective of the redundancy of the gift itself, you can let it slip cos its Bottega Venetta, a luxury label- in this day and age of MP3 , if there’s a cd worth having its probably this one- it’s got the classic Bottega Venetta woven leather print on the cd. Très chic packaging, Très intelligent marketing, and Très stupid for us to fall in the designer trap. Of course now that we are in it, there is no way out. So come on now, go online and order the Bottega cd, its kinda sexy looking, would look nice in your car.

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