Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Consequences of Making Excuses

 Today, I decided to go to work late. I was up before my alarm, ready and all- but just thought lets take it easy today. So I went to work before the HR rats crawled in, signed in and decided to leave. The records would be clean- no proof . Wait, lemme rephrase that- no computerized proof. And God knows in today's day and age we believe technology more than other people's eyes. On my way out , I bumped into the HR second in command. Shit. I feigned an emergency. Told her I'd tell her when I got back.

When I got back, two hours later, I fed her an elaborately short story of a relative having sudden kidney problems, passing out, not regaining consciousness, and me being summoned immediately to the hospital  (I know,  terrible). I mentioned that I had come in earlier, but had to leave so signed out ( when she saw me on the machine), and had now re-signed in. So when she goes through the records (not for another 27 days, its only the start of the month),  she should count the second sign in, not the first. Conscientious employee that I am. In reality I know she would hardly remember this little occurrence. Plus-  a close family member was unconscious due to her kidneys- she said it was no problem. Also- I take the stairs at my work since I don't possess enough patience to wait for the elevator so I had just run up 5 flights. I was all breathless, and hence, seemingly, distraught. It was no problem, really. I could even do a late lunch with the same excuse.In fact, I did.
The point of sharing this story is that I often wonder when making such excuses about  family members/ people whether they have an impact on the grander scheme of things. Yes, I know It makes me a liar and I may have bad karma according to some.But my greater concern is that God forbid, something bad will happen to my imagination's victim. Then what?  One solution that I have been suggested is to center the story around the already deceased. But I feel much worse about them. Thats not how they should be remembered right? Plus they have greater power over the grand scheme of things. They could really cause havoc in my life if they wanted  to since they're in the heavens or wherever with nothing but free time. They could also go and squeal on me to God , due to their closer proximity - and well lets not even go there about what He'd do to me.Okay, off-topic.Coming back.
Whatever the case, I really hope, that  the consequences of my harmless little excuses are much less serious than my excuses.I don't mean them obviously... and really at the end of the day if you look at them in a certain way they are just stories. I'm just exchanging stories for benefits.If writing a story doesn't have consequences why should telling one  have them? Haina?

Any supporters?

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