Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Really Cool nails-II

YSL has come out with a modernized re-interpretation of the french manicure, inspired by its classic Le Smoking tuxedo. Black  is certainly back for the nails, and so soon after it left. Wasn't it only last year when we saw black nails everywhere? But this manicure is infinitely more chicer. I mean I want it, and that's coming from someone who rarely ever wears nail polish, and has never thought that black nails ever looked nice. I just felt they were too goth/emo for my style.But this looks really nice. Like I'm tempted to online order. I'm never tempted to online shop nail color of all the wonderful things in the world. Anyway, so the Le Smoking nail color is sold in a set of two polishes. One is shiny black and one is matte black, the idea is to do do the tip of the nail in a different finish from the base of it. Both variations work, I personally prefer the matte base and shiny tip. More subtle.

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