Monday, 21 November 2011

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

So my sister was after my life to read this fantasy series.
It was (and still is) a tremendous feat to get her to shut up about the books once she starts. I guess maybe cos she discovered them so she feels it’s her duty to pass on the message to the world. In all honesty, she was right- book ka level hai. But I think I read it after ready a few literary types so more than anything, I found this to be a very easy read- and very addictive. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to read  a book that is a pure ' blockbuster' , and doesn’t go onto deep, philosophical tangents and instead keeps thing at a surface level. You know what I mean?  When the only aim of the book is to tell you a story, without too much emphasis on evoking certain responses from the reader. And what a story Michael Scott has ( the office! I know!) written. The basis of his fantasy series is- that behind every myth/legend is a gravel of truth. He has gone and conjured this fantastical story combining magical elements, humans and unbelievable realities. Oh also, it’s quite fast invariably you’ll end up finishing each book in the matter of a day. I'm on the third one already, there are  five out and the sixth (and possibly last?) one is yet to arrive. So if your aim is to just get lost in something, pick up this series.

My favorite line form the series yet ( it snot a very line-y book)
  “We are nothing more than the sum of our memories and experiences”

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