Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mini Gulab Jamuns are Just Plain Awesome

   Its one of those days again.I wake up and one of the first thoughts to enter my mind is food. Moments like these, I'm really, really scared for my future.
I recall a few years ago, when I was living in Montreal , there was a time when  EVERYDAY I woke up with this insatiable craving for white Ritter Sport with hazelnuts. No jokes, everyday. And I'd wake up ,put a coat on walk across the street to Presse International  (it was the only place that had it, apart from Pharmaprix) , get it ,come back, lie in bed and have it. If your wondering why I didn't just get it the night before and save myself from all that trouble in the morning- well its because I knew that it would never last. My sister and I were big chocolate/candy bar wolves and every night we'd feast on sugar. We had also gotten our friends hooked on to sugar. So no chance of the chocolate surviving till the morning- the nights tended to be pretty long.

Anyway, this is not about Ritter white.

Today I woke up wanting to have gulab jamuns. Last week I attended this wedding where they had a proper dessert bar with all sorts of meethas including gulab jamuns. They were soooo good, piping hot, and full of melt-in-your-mouth-and--make-you-feel-warm-all-over-goodness. Plus- they were cute little mini ones. So you could have a lot of them but trick your mind into thinking that since they were "mini" , they probably didn't add up to much. They did. But it was so worth it. Its okay to lie to your mind at such times, because if you don't it will always hold you responsible for not taking advantage of the situation. You will always curse the day when you had a swimming pull full of the best gulab jamuns in front of you , but you only had a small bite  because you had turned fag (by this I mean people who say no to good food, and is primarily restricted to my siblings) for the night only to eat Kit-Kat the next day/week/blah blah. Not that KitKat isn't worth it. It totally is- I went through a phase of that too in college. I told my mum to get gulab jamuns for Eid, but as far as I can tell she has largely ignored my suggestion. So rude na? Unbelievable.

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