Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kim Kardashian's divorce

 I think this is very , very sad news.
Yesterday when I found out about this, I was shocked beyond belief. Really. As soon as I saw the headline, I gasped out loud and did a classic hand on mouth . The funny part was that this all was just reflex.I swear I wasn't being theatrical. I was genuinely shocked and I dunno what else I felt but I'm definitely not one of those who believed that this was all a sham. The " oh of course, this had to happen". Yeh tho hona tha types. Really.
Yeah maybe she rushed into it, but ____ she rushed out of it too. Too soon. Too, too soon. They were married for 72 days. What can you find out in 72 days of marriage that you couldn't find out in like 8/9 months of dating and being engaged?
 It really makes me suspect if Kim even tried. And that's disappointing because I'm not a Kardashian hater. I haven't ever seen their show, but I feel- they've done a great job of making something out of nothing- isn't that what we all try to do? I can't hate them for it. Coming back to the wedding. Why? Its like all of a sudden she couldn't stand him. Also, she herself said in a statement that having to film their show has been hard on the marriage. Well obviously! esp if your going to be living with your sister, her bf and her child. See, I'm no one to judge how/why she got married and the reasons for her ending it- but come on statements like that make me think you didn't even try to make it work. If your reality show was a problem, and you genuinely wanted the marriage to work- stop filming it for a bit. I'm not saying leave it forever, but a few months wouldn't hurt anyone. Yes ratings might have dropped- but that's okay, you win some you lose some.No one would judge you.And you have enough money to last you for a lifetime. Somethings shouldn't be a financial decision, especially if your doing really well in that aspect.
But then I think...'what do I  know?'. I'm no one to comment on it, because tbh who knows what transpired between them. Obviously if she took such a drastic step- she knew what would be coming her way, yet it didn't deter her from going through with it anyway.Sometimes the urgency of our gut instincts makes everything else insignificant.Who knows. We live in very confusing times. But I must add, In Kris Humphrie's (the husband) favor, that he seemed like a good guy. He went through that whole wedding parade on TV , just to make you happy- he really couldn't have been over-in-72-days-bad.
Also thank the Lord and your mom for that Pre-nup.

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