Monday, 28 November 2011

Am I supposed to be excited about the The Muppets ?

 I just don't get it.
In the recent few weeks there has been a whole lotta buzz about The Muppets on the web, in preparation for the movie release starring (and written by) Marshall from How I met Your Mother. Now see, I haven't seen the Muppets in recent times and don't really remember it as a kid- so I'm finding this whole hype,  the box office success, the critics raving about it and people going crazy over it a bit weird. Like, I'm not sure what it is- but the understanding I have of The Muppet phenomenon  is that they formed a big part of America's childhood a few decades earlier- and so the movie was a widely anticipated walk down memory lane. That really cute. really. But to have an article about how Miss Piggy handles the paparazzi? The Muppet characters indulging in all the pre-release activities like major talk shows? The talk show hosts pretending they're talking to you know, a real person? Seriously?
My intention isn't to ridicule, but to genuinely try and understand this craze. I mean, I know animated films get hyped quite a bit. Toy Story, Smurfs blah blah but with the Muppets, the people are taking it up a notch. There was a whole slide show dedicated to Miss Piggy's sartorial choices. Somethings amiss right?
Or maybe I just don't get it.
 But listen to this. Miss Piggy has collaborated with designers lie Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. I mean what the...? what is this?? She was once on the cover of people magazine. People take her seriously.
I even tried googling 'Muppets Phenomena', but apparently that's some Muppet song.
Can someone please explain?

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