Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Salmon Sashimi Dreaming

Smoked Salmon, or well Salmon in general has this strange hold over me. Every time I come across salmon, even if just in pictures or like today, just the name- my mouth starts watering like there is no tomorrow. I can almost taste it, but not fully and that little gap between almost tasting and actual tasting is one of the most un-turn-downable feelings I have ever experienced
Usually I prefer smoked salmon over normal salmon sashimi any given day of the week. No questions asked. But the salmon sashimi at Fuji is just another level. Like it’s a whole new realm of sashimi ; one that you have never entered before. Ok that’s an exaggeration. Maybe what would be infinitely more honest is that I somehow enjoy the sashimi at Fuji more than any other place in the world (probably because I don’t order sashimi anywhere else).
Plain sushi  (nigiri) tends to be thinly sliced- very carpaccio-ish, without the seasoning of course. So you don't get much of the meat flavour, or you do, but not enough.Especially cos the rice kinda balances it out. But the salmon sashimi at Fuji is different and well, just plain beautiful. Thick, uniform slices of beautiful, pink, glossy, fresh, raw meat. Sliding and slipping in your mouth, the creamy texture and the delectable flavors that you can’t quite grasp, and the sheer gorgeousness of the knowledge that it’s probably the most 'natural' thing you'll ever have. And it’s perfect in its naturalness.
 I won’t say that it’s like a warm hug to the soul like chocolate cake, because it’s definitely not as homey. But it does induce a very all-encompassing feeling, kinda like infatuation without the anxiety.You know what I mean?

Ok I have to stop, or the craving won’t go.

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