Monday, 21 November 2011

Dear Client Services, the lowliest of lowlifes.

If you have ever worked in an ad agency, you will know that there is always a tug of war between the creative dept and the account services/client services dept. As a creative myself, I must say that on this day of all days I have realized that CS is usually  consistency mainly compromised of spineless tools- who say yes to everything the client says, not realizing that the creative is run by humans not machines-who actually have to 'create' something that can be shown to the client. As the word may suggest to you, the process of 'creating' something is not instant. It takes time. It takes effort. It requires a process that cannot be derailed anytime a more urgent deadline shows up. It must not be. Yes I may be romanticizing the process of creating a bit too much, but the romantification is not too far fetched.
Yes I understand, this is the nature of the business, in fact any business. Urgent deadlines have the annoying knack of appearing out of nowhere, and you have no real option but to meet them. Its okay, I get it. These things happen.
But what annoys me is that some clients pull such stunts every time as though they are bloody Mobilink that we should put up with their tantrums, cos we're paid to put up with them. No. I'm talking about comparatively smaller clients (much smaller) , who expect us to do their (shit) work, on a half day dead line, as though we are workers living in their house, drinking their chai patti. The problems, the delays, the stalling most usually lies on their end, but yet we are supposed to give them the work a sneeze's notice. Yes I know. We are an ad agency. This is part of our job. But why the hell cant the CS tell the minuscule client, that hey, listen, not tomorrow- how about day after? Or in two days? They will wait a day. It’s fine. I promise you they won’t throw a hissy fit. And if you tell them that you’re creative is currently over worked, and understaffed they probably will understand, or at least understand that the next time, maybe they shouldn’t give such a close deadline. Wouldn’t that be better for all of us? Wouldn’t it?
Yes it would.
Also, another message for the CS. Please do not loiter around in the creative dept. We are not your friends. We are not interested in your jokes. They are not funny. Even if they were, we wouldn’t laugh. Please do not think that you can come and chill in here and take your phone calls in here. This isn’t the play area. Not yours at least.

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