Friday, 4 November 2011

How Could Hayden??

 So I've been watching Master Chef Australia on and off for the past month or so. It comes on at perfect timing- dinner time...and almost everyone in my house is quite involved in the show. Its only recently I found out that the situation was very similar in a lot of  friends' households as well. Not surprisingly, Hayden - the blond , beachie surfer guy is a  fan favorite. Almost everyone who watches that show, wanted him to win. He has this easy charm, and I dunno- is very likeable.

That's why last night's episode was so sad. Hayden was eliminated. This might come as a surprise, but considering how he had performed in the last few tasks- I hate to say it, but he had it coming. Still, it was heart breaking. I was near tears- almost. It was just soooo sad when Michael and Hayden started talking about the love (platonic) they had for each other, and how great friends they were, and how they had imagined to be pitted against each other but at the finals, not before. Before the decision was told, Michael admitted, that irrespective of who passed the challenge, there would be a loss for both. I didn't know this, but apparently they had been roommates from day one, got on like a "house on fire", and were the bestest of friends. Can you imagine? and even more soul crushing? When it was announced hat Hayden was leaving, Michael kinda cried. I could see the tears in Hayden's eyes too. I think it was the most genuine moment I've ever witnessed on reality television.
Other than that,  apparently it seems like I'm not the only one who sensed something between Hayden and Ellie.I can't pinpoint when I felt it, and again its not like I've seen every episode that I'd know for sure, but I remember feeling one day that something might be brewing between them and I think I was right. Apparently the two shared a moment on cameras, and well who knows what happened off-cameras in the house you know? Irrespective I really appreciate that in the show, they only show the challenge /task part of it- never the internal dynamics. Otherwise who knows- we would have been seeing Australian Jersey Shore.

What else? Oh yes. I know I should probably be happy about this, but I hate it-  the remaining contestants are primarily women. 4 women and One man. WTH? Like seriously, I think none of those women are anything spectacular, they just manage to scrape by, they hardly ever bring anything new to the table- like perhaps Billy did, or Hayden did.Okay maybe Dani does, but the rest? maybe I haven't watched the show closely enough, but it kinda feels scripted. I'm seriously rooting for Michael. I have no idea  what frumpy, chirpy, extra chirpy and average are doing in the top five.

Anyway, Hayden has a website with all sorts of info in them in addition to his recipes.The tostadas look good.


  1. Haha all of this is so true!! Hayden's exit was Daughtry 2.0. And it did seem scripted. 1 guy and 4 women left and then all of sudden the women start to get eliminated. and we're back to Man V Woman for the finale!

  2. I really wanted Michael to win. But Kate was a favorite. I managed to catch the American version the other day. So tacky!