Friday, 11 November 2011

"Its brilliance slaps you in the face"

You know, my work computer obviously doesn't have my music, so I Youtube songs like all normal people. Yesterday my friend suggested this  remix of Video Games by Lana Del Ray that I HAD to listen to. In her own words "Its brilliance slaps you in the face! Great remix, makes the original sound naked"- isn't that the most awesome description of anything you've ever heard?.Not that I care to be slapped. Anyway, thanks to all these new music blogs I don't have to search for any particular thing and just listen to whatever they're listening to- stuff that I'd probably never even give a chance.So in essence I'm becoming a better person because of them.
 Also, I love the layout of Rave or Behave- what a fun name na? and the commentary is thoroughly entertaining in its DJ-style-drama. Ooh also, this blog has got great music in terms of "cool", indie ,stuff- you know the kind  you wouldn't be embarrassed to name and sound like totally cool saying it , that oh I'm mostly into blah blah . So, Its great for that one odd night where your hanging with a bunch of ________ who are discussing music and you  can actually participate in that conversation by name dropping some of these titles, and not only that but actually be like "you guys have to hear this track" pretend to go on youtube while you secretly go on raveorbehave and play anything.  They'll lap it up like dogs and milk.
Basically I'm handing you the keys to 'cool people music'. Never again shall you be ridiculed for professing your favorite song these days is "Superbass", the little girl version .

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