Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Boating Sweater

 The weather's become real nice these days. The days are cool, and the nights are cooler and slightly windy.
Its the start of the few months when we can actually sit outside on the terrasse of a restaurant and really enjoy it. Winters in Lahore are like spring elsewhere  in the world. The first chill brings about a silent promise for  great few months ahead. Unlike the great Canadian winter, you can actually enjoy fall/winter fashion here- which is one of the greatest if not THE greatest plus of moving back here. Also, guys look adorable in sweaters and jackets provided they don't like like they are trying too hard, because as you all may very well know by now- I'm allergic to that.
I personally don't love cardigans on a guy. Or even like. But I get that guys really enjoy wearing them. They think they look fashion forward, or 'out there' or preppy- which is great, and tbh they do look all these things, some in a good way some in a not-so-good way- but I guess the objective is achieved.And I also get that there are a lot of girls who find guys in cardigans adorable. I see where they are coming from too, but somehow I never warmed up to them.My personal choices for guys are the basics : hoodies,pull overs, crew/v-neck sweaters, and my absolute favorites-army green parkas. In fact my obsession with my jacket is due to my adoration of guys in parkas. Like an homage to how good they look in them. Now of course I get that Lahore isn't cold enough for a parka. So I won't even go there. But one thing I will push for is guys in striped sweaters. Only today I found out that the proper "fashion" term for them is Breton's fisherman sweaters. They were originally designed for the french navy- and well the Breton has those two buttons on the side of the neck , but other than that, its your classic striped one. Snug fit, which means biceps need more work for winter than summer- but well worth it.  The colors can range from one end of the rainbow to the other. Really. If you wanna show how "out there" you are, wear a neon stripy. They look sooo good.
See let me explain the science behind it. Horizontal stripes create an optical illusion causing the wearer of the stripes appear broader. Guys- that is never a bad thing.For those who think that the stripes are feminine (you know who you are) , get it in blue /black/grey- they can be as subtle as you want , and if it still bothers you there are versions out there with hoods. See! easy fix. For those who want preppy- it can't get preppier than this. Or cuter.
The other day , I saw a friend of mine a striped sweater -grey and red. Reminded me of how happy I am that winter is finally coming. Also, girls should feel free to raid their guy's closet and wear their sweaters. Long , and loose looks so good with skinnies and booties. Perfect winter everyday.

see? ridiculously good.

Hawkings McGill
All Saints

Tommy Hilfiger

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