Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Heart breaking Haute Couture.

You know I barely like discussing Haute Couture collections, because it breaks my heart to know that its a big, gigantic, huge possibility that I may never have the pleasure of wearing any of the pieces that I love as much as  the children I will one day have. They are just so beautiful. Like a fairy tale, a dream, a movie, a book, and a song all in one. So magical, so wonderful.How you'd even feel in a gorgeous Haute Couture creation is beyond my imagination. Yep, that rhymed.I love that the gowns are so fantastical, with no expense spared, yards and yards of the most exotic/rare/luxurious fabric and embellishment that has been 'specially sourced', and perhaps the most important aspect- the custom fit.
But you know whats infinitely more scarier than knowing that I might never wear one of them?Being given the choice to pick one out of all the beautiful ones that existed. It would be the hardest decision. Would require months and months of research.Lots and lots of walking in and out of designer's ateliers. But luckily, am able to talk myself into anything and would surely be able to convince myself that the ultimate choice I made was the best one. I guess it wouldn't be scary at all. Just stupendous.
Although the Fall/Winter '11 Haute Couture week took place way back in July, I'm going to feature some of my favorite collections in the next few days, just for the fun of going through them again.
Good enough reason right?

Here are some I can't resist sharing for now:

Jean Paul Gaultier


Giambattista Valli

Elie Saab
Gorgeous na?

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