Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Jacket

A little while ago I mentioned this jacket that I was in love with and was waiting for it to come to me, before I disclosed what it looked like. looks like it is'nt coming. It wasn't available in Dubai, its sold out on the US site,and it can't be found in Montreal either. I know I'm to blame, because this jacket came in September I think, and of course it would get sold out immediately cos its spectacular, and we are in October end now- so I'm late. I guess, it seems like it's just not going to be mine. Which is possibly the saddest thing.
Anyway, I thought I'd finally post a picture of the jacket. Now don't look at it and be like "whats so special about this?", because I'd have to wear it to demonstrate and I don't have it so I can't wear it. Plus its just one of those things, either you get it or you don't.It's fine either way. I'm sure my daughters and her daughters would've understood. Another prospective family heirloom gone to waste.

  Also, while we're on Zara there are these boots that are kind of tickling my fancy you know? I don't love love them but I am sort of interested for some reason.Its funny because I know that if I'd seen those boots at Z or on anyone a few years ago I'd be like 'whyyyy would you do that?', and tbh, I think that was my reaction the first time I saw them- but strangely enough I find myself wanting to wear them. I catch myself mentally pairing outfits with them. Weird na?
I must be growing up.

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