Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kate Middleton, the big deal and her tag along sister.

I just don't get what the big deal is with Kate, except that she is a real life princess. Okay, I take that back. I get what the big deal is  surrounding Kate Middleton. She is the princess after all, and people apparently die to watch the royal wedding. Great. Her wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Okay great- I guess that's quite an  honor although I do feel the label is way too cool for her, too avant-garde, too fun. The label deserves better.Like maybe designing Kate Moss's wedding dress. Anyway, so yeah Kate is decent. She is definitely cute, looks  a bit old for her age, has lost tons and tons of weight so is now pretty much a stick figure with really, no hips. That's fine. Oh and I also understand that she probably didn't want all this attention and doesn't think much of herself anyway. That's totally believable. Its the media and the people, who have made her into this fashion icon who annoy me.How???

She is attractive, tall, thin,tan (i.e-hot) , but come on she's an average dresser.Like yeah, she wears decent stuff and doesn't look like a clown - but that does not a Fashion Icon make. Really. It makes an average person.And maybe in her case an average rich person. Her style is basic, and if I may say so-boring at times. But I get that she cant be too risque and have too much fun with the clothes cos she has to maintain  public decorum and I dunno be all stiff and monarchical. You know? family values/ in-laws issues whatever.
Its like just cos she wore Sarah Burton she immediately became a style goddess, and hasn't had to work up to that name ever since.Its not like she's wearing what nobody could've ever thought of wearing. She keeps it simple and classic- and yes, that's a virtue on its own-but come on, you can't keep playing her up like this.

As a sign of goodwill, I'm putting up pictures where she really is looking great.

Then there's her sister Pippa. Like man, whats the big deal. She's not even the princess but still she's made out to be a fashion icon for her plain jane style. Does she have an ass that just won't quit? Yes. Does she have a beautiful tan? Yes. Does that make her the next Kate Moss? Hell no. Not in a million years.


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