Thursday, 20 October 2011

Can you believe India? I can't.

So we've all been hearing in the past few years how well India's been doing in almost everything except their inability to control people from ducking and making millions and millions of babies. And even for the last part I don't really blame them , cos seemingly they have so much to be happy/ proud about that they can't help but drink themselves giddy every night, and of course when people become giddy they also become thorny and well, as we all know actions have consequences. An uncontrolled population growth is just one of them.

Moving on, India is on the map in a big,big way. Apparently even the Canadian Immigration is refusing citizenship to Indians because they know that the job/business opportunities there are greater than in Canada.
Their tourism is also doing spectacular. After watching Eat, Love, Pray  every lovesick/heartbroken/single/divorced/left-at-the-alter/hates-her-partner, female (and some men) went to India to "find themselves" in an ashram . Of course its an entirely different story that some just came back with designer goodies and called it a 'spiritual retreat'.
And that too is fine.
There are some great Indian designers out there, who are making awesome stuff .I mean, half of us go to India for bridal/ jewellery shopping. They've got a luxury market that is growing by the day. There are 164 private jets being delivered to India this year. That's one for every other day of the year. I personally think that their advertising is beyond phenomenal.Blah Blah, I could go on about how well they are doing but I'll stop.

What really kinda made me very this (for the lack of a better word), is that not only do they have all the luxury brands like LV, Lanvin,Gucci, Choo etc. opening up retail outlets over there like its nobody's business.In addition to all that, they are trying to "woo" the Indian market. They make special "limited edition" collections/pieces for India. Can you believe it? Last year Louis Vuitton made a compact collection for Diwali - This year Gucci and Lanvin have come out with the perfect Diwali gift- designer playing cards. Yes,you read me right. Playing cards.Taash. You know the worst part? the Lanvin ones are adorable. Like I probably would like to have them, as useless as they would be.
 Jimmy Choo made a limited edition "Chandra" clutch. Only 50 pieces all over India. Thank the Lord that it is fugly beyond belief ( I'm not being catty, it really is) so there is no love lost, my heart is still intact. Oh, oh and Hermes launched/is launching a limited edition sari collection for India. Just Imagine.
Do you get my drift? do  you understand where I'm coming from? What is this ass kissery?. These are luxury giants we are talking about here, so what kind of cheap tactics are they indulging in. Of course I realize that these "cheap tactics" are  great marketing techniques for tapping into new, unique economies like India, since Europe and the United States have become lukewarm markets for luxury retail. I get it, I get it.Their financial stability depends on them. India has the perfect growing consumer market for luxury retail.Young millionaires.Blah blah.
But I can't help feeling slightly jealous and consequently a little catty. That's allowed right?

Chalo, lets make me feel better by looking at the Chandra clutch.

 Yep, feeling so much better.

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