Friday, 14 October 2011

Clutch 101

 The title is a lie.

Burberry Prosum

This is no 101. This is an advanced post on it. I'm not going to tell you what clutches to wear, and what goes with what , so on and so forth. I'm just going to show you my favorites this season, which I hope to perhaps own one day. Givenchy is the leader of the pack, I think I loved at least 6 clutches from the fall 2011 collection and by love I mean- the world HAS to appreciate what a great job Riccardo Tisci is doing at the label.
Giorgio Armani

 Featured below are my top 5 reasons to wear a clutch instead of a normal bag.

 1)  You get your priorities right.
      A clutch, in most cases guarantees limited space. So you have to decide whether  its more important to keep your cellphone/ camera/ a pack of cigs. Whether you want to keep lip-gloss/ gum/breath mints, your keys or some cash.In the process of making such vital and key decisions you realize where your priorities lie and discover a little bit about who you are and where you wanna go. Life changing really.

2) All Night Fun
    A clutch is a great reason to not carry your keys, and go home with somebody else your best friend. You can braid each others hair all night.

3) You look cooler
If any of you have read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, you might remember how Tereza liked to walk with a book under her arm because it made her feel different. The clutch is the modern-day version of that.
Plus if you keep switching between arms its a great upper-body workout.
4) No bag, No baggage!
By carrying a clutch instead of your normal 7 pound bag, you might fool guys into thinking that you don't come with a lot of emotional baggage, making you infinitely more attractive-er.

Plus it might make them think your more easy going, since your not carrying all the burden of your own world on one shoulder.

5) Room for adventure
   Since your not carrying a bag that can fit every possible thing you might need in any possible situation- you  are more vulnerable ; which can be good or bad, and there is a better chance for a  possible adventure; which is always great.
Alexander Wang

Oscar de la Renta
Donna Karan

Alexander McQueen