Tuesday, 25 October 2011

PPP supporter for the week

    Yesterday was the first Monday in a long , long time that I woke up and chilled in bed for a while before getting up.It was beautiful. Having an hour to kill in bed before getting up is possibly one of  life's finest offerings.

 On Sunday night, a public holiday was announced (for Monday) due to the natural death of a political widow. She happened to be our current president's dead wife's mother and apparently he was over joyed to hear the news, because the MIL always terrified him, and had had a lot of dreams in which the MIL slaughtered him in his own slaughter house and fed him to her pet piranhas as a snack with their tea and so Zardari decided that a celebratory holiday was much,much, needed, like a show of goodwill, or Sadqa.
As a sign of gratitude towards our wonderfully useless government for announcing a holiday when I needed it most, I am a PPP supporter for the rest of the month. I will try and not curse the government at every chance I get, I will not make up fake stories about Zardari and BB's family and yep, I guess that means I will be missing the Imran Khan's thingy , but oh well- we all have to pay our dues, there are no free lunches in this world...and other similar sayings. I might even start wearing their party colors , or one of those buttons or something for the week.

 All of this might sound a bit excessive, especially missing Imran Khan's gt at the park since he is my hero, but I believe very strongly in being appreciative of things other people do for you, and showing your appreciation through actions. Now I know this wasn't done especially for me (not by Zardari at least, God -maybe), but I can bet my diet coke on the fact that it made nobody happier ,(I know it wasn't supposed to be a happy holiday), and no one enjoyed it as much as I did. Even though I did nothing special. And it felt great that the cause of sooooo much joy was just one chutti.No big thing, no big gift, no big wish...just one public holiday when  I was least expecting it.
Life is so simple at times.
 So I must in my own small way, try to return the favor. And I will do this by supporting PPP for a week.

Thank you, People's Party.

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