Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Vogue Paris Editorials

There are some really controversial campaigns that were published by Vogue Paris under Roitfeld. Apparently they were one of the reasons why she left (or was laid off). They can be described as disturbing, weird, gross or brilliant ...but whats remarkable is that they initiate dialogue. Just google Roitfeld-Vogue-Controversy and you will find millions of links. That is not  to say that her intention was to create controversy, because she didn't.  Yes, she capitalized on shock value, but that had a lot to do with her own personal vision as well.- which ended up sparking so many debates. There are her avid supporters, people who worship her ,and then there are others who loather everything she stands for.

Take a look :

Crystal Renn and Gluttony

This one was interesting especially because Renn battled anorexia as a model, and then became a "plus size" model. Some people thought it was gross,  I personally love it. See this is where you see the Roitfeld genius; fashion and food together. No one even dreams of doing that.

Little girls dressed up like older women
I don't think I need to tell anyone here how crazy people went on VP and Roitfeld's ass. They took serious offense at this. Advertisers seriously complained about his to Conde Nast- and so the story continues. I don't see why this is considered extremely offensive and in bad taste,  yet in the United States you see reality TV based on baby beauty pageants. Really, I think that is much much more disturbing than this.Its called Toddlers and Tiaras, seriously google it. Its We-iiird.

There was Tom Ford's take on Plastic Surgery.
See, now you can see that this is a provocation. The intent to provoke is most certainly present along with the shock-value. It is meant to disturb. The intent isn't to be soothing on the eyes. But at the same time , Ford is also tackling a major trend of the twenty-first century, and through pictorial depiction he keeps his contribution to the magazine relevant ,current and buzz-worthy. Plastic Surgery is hardly something that is kept behind closed doors these days, in fact articles are written about it in the same glossies that  feigned disgust and offense at this editorial. Come on, its Tom Ford what did you expect? Models hand in hand pretending to be walking in air ?

The old people getting it on.
I don't need to explain why and what. You can see for yourself. I personally love the audacity. Makes me laugh.Oh and no airbrushing or Photoshopping.

So what do we think?

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