Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Magical Marchesa

I don't know any other word to best describe Marchesa's creations because the models seem to be walking right out of a fairytale.A magical,couture, fairytale.
Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig seemingly make gowns only for the red carpet and/or weddings. That could be true, but who cares? They are beautiful, and honestly some of them seemed be concocted out of clouds. Who wouldn't want to wear a dress that would make them feel like they're walking amongst the clouds ?

The theatricality of their creations is hard to ignore, and perhaps the best way to view them is as Couture confections.  Their dresses are intricate, painstakingly detailed,  grand, unique and opulent, all at the same time. Yes, Marchesa has a tendency to be over the top, but I think that's exactly why you'd go to them for. If you want to feel like a princess - you go to Chapman and Craig. The label's collection was a welcome change in its lack of bold, bright colors which we have seen so much in the past few weeks. Instead this collection was deeply based in ivories,and silvers with gorgeous lilacs.Very,  very ,dream-like.I love how they played with the sheerness of the fabrics, and the clever use of embellishment to create the perfect balance.

Just take a look, they are stunnnnning.
I wonder which one of these will make the first appearance on the red carpet.


Look at the bodice.WOW.

 I have trouble picking my favorite. I don't think there ever existed a harder task.

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