Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I was cleaning out my old email account and I found a bunch of cool stuff.
Well maybe not exactly 'cool' - old college assignments basically. One of those assignments was on Michelangelo, and I found this whole archive of his sketches.

Let me be clear- you don't know the greatness of Michelangelo until you know his sketches. They are absolutely unparalleled. They display emotion in a manner that is uncontrived, unadorned, and very simply- honest. The depth of anguish, torment and love that are found in Michelangelo's sketches are relevant to this date, and will always continue to be. Simply put- they speak to you.

Feeling, schmeeling aside, there is no comparison to Michelangelo's draftsmanship. I wish I could sketch like that. Just look at those.

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