Saturday, 22 October 2011

Power Point Proficient baby!

You know, I thought that today I would rant about how my mother played favorites and got so many more things for my sister than she did for me from Dubai.I thought I'd also talk about how I want to go to Buenos Aires soon, cos it's supposed to be popping.I hate that word, but I can't find a suitable adjective and unlike most days I'm kinda in a hurry.And there's only one thing I want to talk about.
So we all put things down on our resume right? Like "proficient in MS word, excel and power point ".I thought that it was one of those things.You know. Kehney ki baatein.  At least for me they were, expect for Word obv. But I am happy to announce that I have become Power Point proficient in a mighty large sense of the word. Okay I don't know how to do the table and the pie-charts just yet - but frankly speaking I hope to God I never need to know how to make those. Really. Why would I? Am I a travelling/ door to door salesman? No!

But I now know how to proper animate pictures, fonts, put sound clips in, text boxes and all sorts of cool things in the slides. Pretty cool na? Now  I can put 'proficient in powerpoint' on my resume and it wont be a lie. Really. All thanks to my job. Today I had to make 2 presentations and 3 tel-ups in less that three hours. So yes, power point genius you may call me. Next on my list- Excel. I'm pretty psyched about my new skill as you can read.
Gone are the days when I'd be asked to make a presentation and I would freak and think 'Oh God what a monster of a job' and try to find my way out of it ( there are always ways), and exchange horrid favors in return for a measly power point presentation that was ugly at best with no sense of typography. Now , for me, Its as easy as 1-2-3. Or a quick snap of my fingers.  I think I might start making presentations for people as a side job. I bet there are more people like old-me who would pay to get this done. Haina?

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