Thursday, 6 October 2011

I dream of Sushi Shop

I love sushi. I can almost never get sick of having it. In fact just yesterday I had it, and today again I feel like having it. Maybe cos I tortured myself by going to Sushi Shop's website and looking at all the different kinds I like to eat. Sushi Shop is like a sushi franchise all over Montreal (maybe its all over Canada), and the best thing about them is that they're always coming up with new kinds of sushi, and new things to do with raw fish.Also it used to be in my building so I could have it without having to brave the cold- it was right there. Even in like  -22 degrees or something I would just go down in a t-shirt since I'd be outside for only about a second before I entered the shrine of sushi.
I've actually gone to a couple of sushi-buffets thinking I'm going to heaven, when really you get screwed over by ordering a lot due to the initial excitement.After your 20th roll they would all pretty much taste the same, because everything we would have ordered would be almost the same (Smoked salmon this, smoked salmon that, spicy shrimp this, spicy shrimp that). Still, its fun.There is a catch though. You have to eat everything you order or they charge you for every piece that goes to waste. When you walk in, you think of course, I love sushi, shouldn't be a problem.So you shell out the cash (which is more than I  like to spend on a meal), thinking I'm going to eat enough for two meals.You order a lot- just because you can. Also it seems like an excellent day to experiment with your sushi and try different things. Honestly, we'd be done maybe a quarter way through our order, and what followed would never be pleasant. Good times.
Its my firm belief that when the concept of  sushi buffet was founded, the forefathers knew that every sushi-lover had a sushi fantasy that they could not wait to fulfill. They gave us the opportunity to fulfill that fantasy, only to make us realize that perhaps we don't want most of our fantasies to be fulfilled.They're so much better in our head.

Yep, Sushi buffets are often profound experiences that make you think about the intricacies of life.I highly recommend everyone to try it once. Here are my choices form Sushi Shop.


Salmon Kamikaze



Shrimp Tatare Maki- My absolute favorite.

Volcano- don't think I ever tried it. Should've.

Seafood Fuji Bowl

Deux Salmon- Mahgul's fav

Shrimp Spring Maki

How hungry are we now?

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